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Thread: Clothing for the highlands

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    Clothing for the highlands

    Hi everyone
    This is probably a stupid question, But i would like some advise on sensible clothing to wear in the highlands. Ive been invited to 3 days stalking in mid october and im hoping to take my first deer during the rut.Sorry for the question but id rather look silly on here than up there

    cheers sam

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    there may be a SWAZI Coat going !

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    Comfy boots, warm clothing and waterproofs. We use deerhunter jackets and waterproof trousers which do the job nicely. We were up there at the beginning of August and there was an icy wind blowing, laid in wet heather for an hour imobile soon chills you through so better to be too warm and take a layer off than be cold and miserable.

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    What do you have ? are you a regular stalker if so what you already have should do, personally think +4s are much better on the hill than trousers but if you don't have a pair trousers will do, ideally a waterproof jacket of some kind
    and pack a fleece, October in the Highlands can be warm and summer like, but be prepared we often have snow before the end of the stags, in fact we have had some already.

    Hat of some sort, and a good strong pair of boots, wellies are not a good idea on the hill, gaiters are also a good idea keeps heather out of your boots and are also some protection against ticks.

    Drab colours are best olives, browns, dark colours tend to stand out against the back ground and some of the camo patterns don't blend in very well either.

    Whats drying facility's like where you are staying, try to take enough clothes to cover you for the period its almost inevitable that you will get wet at some point.


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    Thanks for the replies chaps. Im going to splash out on a camo waterproof shell jacket (tiger strip), also a quilted waterproof jacket with matching bottoms.On the issue of plus 4s do stalkers wear the same as game shooters? I ask as i wear musto technical tweed breeks but they seem a little to thin for crawling about in.

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    Harkika pro hunter is the way if you can justify price and will get good use from them. Meindl dovre extreme also if just for highlands, To heavy and rigid for woods though. Will get few years from this set up unless your out nearly everyday, boots won't last that long if you are.

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    243tikka can't say about the technical tweed, I have no experience of it though it looks a bit thin,as posted by Discopete some of the modern stuff is quite good but expensive, a pair of traditional tweed +4s are hard to beat
    but tweed not cord or cotton both are cold when wet, tweed while not waterproof will hold out a bit and is not cold even when wet +4s rather than +2s as that extra bit helps when crawling when you stand up the wet bit is not actually against your knee and any water will be shed onto the ground rather than down into your boots.

    Some find tweed and +4s a bit old fashioned, but they have stood the test of time all pro hill stalkers wear them so that should be endorsement enough.

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    Tweed breeks all day, a fleece and waterproof jacket.

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    Hi there
    i would check the long range forecast before splashing out,you don't want to be on the hill,following a stag and sweating,try and go lightweight,paramo do some good gear ,good at wicking sweat away.

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    Thanks for all the advise guys. Im gonna look into all the suggestions and see what will suit the hill plus my wallet. thanks again for your replies.

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