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Thread: False rut on here

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    False rut on here

    Had the boys out foxing on the shoot last 2 days they did shoot a fox this morning and all reported deer sightings. 3 of which were bucks chasing does and even 1 mounting.
    My client got fevered up and clean missed a single buck broadside at 45m. So the deer are moving again now in a big way here.

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    Complete opposite here .. I've been out and about quite a bit over the last
    few days, and i'm really struggling to find any bucks whatsoever .. still lying
    low I think .. seeing plenty of does and kids though.
    No signs of the red rutt either, all the wallows untouched as yet.

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    Seen a few here aswell John while we were on stags , shot two nice bucks

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    I watched a young buck walk down the edge of a willow plantation last week. He was scraping and fraying as he went. At one point he was only thirty yards from me. Fortunately for the buck he was the right side of the boundary for him and the wrong side for me.

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    We have seen good movment here also two nice bucks in as many outtings in the chiller and a few more that we left all following does to good feeding areas.In the pines not much moving at all.

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    Csl and myself had a wander one evening in the week and we both took a buck, plenty of does/young about. The buck i shot came out following a doe.

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    i was out on wednesday, Watched 2 bucks chasing each other and another buck all over a doe.

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    Yep, continues (!) to be a really funny old rut/false rut John!

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    Shot a nice buck this evening chasing a doe,seeing a lot of bucks moving at the moment!

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    plenty of does but bucks seem to be lying low at the moment around my area

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