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Thread: Best mounts for a Schmidt & bender 8x56

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    Best mounts for a Schmidt & bender 8x56


    Can anyone give me some advice on the best mounts for a S&B 8x56 on my tikka 243?


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    +1 or if you have a full rail set of qd's optilocks
    ps i have 1" high and ex low blue optilock rings but no bases for sale if you need them offers over 40 plus pp the high were on my sako with the 8x56 now moved to 30mm tube zeiss.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sakotrg View Post

    If this was a tactical rifle and you were adding a picatinny rail then yes. I see no need for picatinny rails on a hunting rifle especially a tikka T3 with a perfectly good dovetail rail built into the action. The sako TRG sphur mount will fit a tikka T3 dovetail but there is a need to open the ejection port by 5mm. Not something I would recommend as there would be a need for re-proof.

    I would go for one piece optilocks. Medium should be suitable for your 8x56.
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    ​ may have what you need if your scope is a 30 !

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    If you intend to keep the same scope on the rifle at all times then Optilocks are great, if you may want to swap between day scope and NV then a third eye picatinny rail and third eye mounts would be a good option

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