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    high Seat

    Attachment 32647I have a metal high seat which I am now not likely to ever need again so am asking for 50.00. It can be taken down but involves a lot of nuts and bolts and to re-assemble it would be like tackling a chinese puzzle. I have it in two pieces and am sure it will go on a roof rack in that condition but a trailer may make it easier for collection, posting it is out of the question. I have attached a picture of it leant against a door with the bottom section propped up in front of it with the extending metal bracing stay and fixing strap attached to it. The top half assembled is 6ft to the seat and the bottom section is 4ft so when erected is 10ft to the seat. I must emphasise that it is collection only. I am having difficulty attaching any pictures so an e mail to me might enable me to send a picture. Just checked my profile, it seems you may have to PM me first to get my E Mail addy.
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    Hi Eddy
    Can you send me some pictures please.



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    Quote Originally Posted by roedeerbuck123 View Post
    Hi EddyCan you send me some pictures please.RegardsSteve
    Hi Steve they are too big for the SD download system so contact me by pm and I'll give you my e mail address, they should be able to be atached to that.

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    I am not having any luck with pictures but have managed a smaller one attached to the first post.
    I have just had a firm offer so it looks as if it is sold sight unseen, sorry Steve.

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