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Thread: Who are Unique Alpine importers (2013)?

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    Who are Unique Alpine importers (2013)?

    I understand that York Guns no longer support UA. Can you tell me who is the current importer? I have a Safety issue that may be design or possibly trigger adjustment matter. Either way it needs sorting, particularly so if it is design as the issue would then not be specific to my rifle. I'll post that as a separate thread shortly. Thanks.

    See New string entitled Safety concern: Unique Alpine TPG1, Safety catch operation or trigger adjustment?

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    Received a call from Stefan Holme of UA 9Oct13. Excellent conversation and very helpful. Contact him at (Fax, Phone preferable a E-Mail system unreliable due to hacking):

    Unique Alpine AG
    Rennweg 27
    85435 Erding

    Tel. +49 8122 9797 360
    Fax. +49 8122 9797 230

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