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Thread: Limulus Hardwood Quadsticks

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    Limulus Hardwood Quadsticks

    Just taken delivery of the first pair of Limulus strait grained Ash hardwood sticks . I have just waxed them they are absolutely superb i can not thank Tony enough. I only met Tony 10 days ago and he loaned me a set of softwood sticks as he had not got any made up my size. After practising in the garden with them (i could have shot all the cows in the back field off them !!!!!!) i took them to Scotland with me but the weather was torrential rain and i only saw 1 Deer which was 382 yds away (ok for John 33 he would have neck shot it no bother ) and it went in before i could get near for a shot.

    Before i left for Scotland i rang Tony and asked what were the chances of a set of hardwood sticks in strait grained Ash Tony replied that he was struggling to find a supplier. I returned from Scotland and yesterday got a call from Tony to say he was making my sticks as we were speaking and to meet him halfway to collect them this morning. They are fantastic i have just waxed them 1st coat and they look brilliant.

    I can not thank Tony enough he is such a nice bloke to do business with and a great lad to chat with. I can really recommend the hardwood sticks they are well worth the extra money.

    Finally i say many many thanks Tony for your efforts hope to see you soon.

    Kind regards Jimbo

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    The pressure is on now , please don't all shout at once ,the Ash is in the early stages of production , the quality has to be right and the first batch should be with Tony by the end of this week .
    I have to agree with Jimbo i also have both hardwood and softwood and tbh the Ash are in a league of there own .

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    Any pics jimbo?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo1984 View Post
    Any pics jimbo?
    I am not very good (Bloody Hopeless Actually) at posting pictures but, you can take it from me if you bought a set from Tony you will not be disappointed.
    My set are the D's B's. so stable you could zero a rifle from them no problem.


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    He came and dropped some pheasie food for me after meeting you today jim and said what a nice fella you were it was a pleasure doing business with you

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    As always i have the hard wood sticks from tony and in my opinion they are with out equal they are the best made sticks on the market. No crapy metal clinking no pessstuds rattling just wood to wood . That fit together so neat.


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    Nice buck six pointer just like you


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    You lot have gone and done it with all your praise and good things to say, I have just ordered a set in hardwood flavour. I will hopefully be saying good things very soon.


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    Deerless if you don't i will be surprised what i will say is take your time to get to know the sticks and practice using them .If you have any probs as i did (I Couldn't open them at first lol) Just call tony he will talk you through it.
    I think tony should the base of a used case in the lead stick so we never forget .My red tape fell off the first stalk

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    The insulating tape is vital!

    I'm interested in hardwood. The softwood material was maybe my only disappointment with them.

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