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Thread: Collars to mark new born pups

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    Collars to mark new born pups

    For those who have used them, what collars do you find suitable to put on new born pups to mark them?

    I was considering these ones but the velcro looks a bit stiff and I don't obviously want the necks to rub or become sore:

    I also had a look at these but again, they appear quite stiff:

    Which leaves me with this kind:

    Any recommendations pros/cons of these or recommendations for others?



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    Velcro straps and collars can come off or be removed, taking a small clipping of hair (not down to the skin!!!) from the rump of the pup or shoulder area and recording it in a book cannot be changed. May sound drastic but its not, I have done it several times on lab pups I have bred and know a few others do the same as it grows back in a matter of weeks. Normally different dogs have distinguishing features meaning not all pups need marking by clipping anyway. If a litter of 9 black lab pups can be told apart, with 8 biches in It, I am sure my litter can be distinguished apart by colour variation alone.

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    We never find it necessary to put collars on new born pups , you are handling the pups daily and will know them apart quite easily , collars only go on once we start letting people select
    which puppies they would like , usually around 5 - 6 weeks at which time small cat collars are very good .

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    I think that's what he's getting at, when people chose their pup he wants to mark them...

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    Amazon whelp id collar has worked well for us.

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    Having a breed with varying coat patterns I have never had to do anything like this but I know someone who put nail varnish on a particular claw, quite a few combinations if you also start using different colours!

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    Jamross is bang on there will be pups that you will just know straight off .For some reason or other. But a collar can be changed a snip of fir cant. It will grow back quick so do it when people pick their pup.s.

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    Wife used nail varnish to id pups choosen by new owners, this is after they are weaned so bitch is not licking it off. One bitch's kennel name was Lady pink shimmer

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    When my family breed dogs we just bought different coloured ribbon and tied them like a collar round there necks easy to spot who's who then.

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    Chip them all prior to selection. Then read the number out to the buyer.

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