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Thread: stockport area stalking ?

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    stockport area stalking ?

    hello. just wanting some help really, My dad lives in the stockport area but is from the yorkshire dales, he has done alot of stalking in yorkshire but now have moved down there and dosent know where to start. i now its a long shot but if theres anyone in that area that could help i would be very grateful, i/we can take you out around yorkshire if you want to swap an odd stalk or if theres anyone within that 40 area that could help please pm me. many thanks

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    Nearest stalking is out past macclesfield towards buxton. Calton Moor Range organises paid stalking on the reds there. Some big big stags.

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    Arran has taken me out and whoever is willing to oblige them will not be disappointed. The scenery is astounding he works really hard to find you quarry. I had a tremendous day and the hospitality was second to none it is a great part of the country. I cant wait to meet up again.

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