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Thread: venison alternative!!

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    venison alternative!!

    hello all, for all you beaver fans out there, i found this and thought i would share it with you.........

    now i bet you didnt know there were so many ways to eat a beaver!!!!!


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    You have found beowulfs porn site

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    You will be lucky Alled. I can't remember the last time Duggars was on the site. A very nice chap with a great sense of humour. It would be great to have him back.

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    so does this mean there is a duggers hunt on?
    we hav a taxi waiting

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    its been ages since we heard anything from duggers,where are you?does anybody know whats happened to him?

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    I think that we need to pm him, all of us until his gets fed up of it and has to post!

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