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Thread: Right handed shooting left??

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    Right handed shooting left??

    Just like the title how many people are right handed but shoot left handed like myself (left eye dominant) ???

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    I'm one, very poor vision in the right eye! which Is no bad thing as the brain compensates....Though can't compensate for the extra cost of left handed rifles...All good

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    Same here right handed left eye dominant. Very poor vision in my right eye.

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    Me too,,, right handed left eye dominant due to poor vision in my right eye..
    And yet another 7mm-08 user...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rotwild View Post
    Me too,,, right handed left eye dominant due to poor vision in my right eye..
    That's his excuse sorted then.

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    HI Mick
    I am right handed / left eye dominant . I have turned this to my advantage , if I wind my scope down I am able to shoot off my right shoulder
    so if I am shooting from a high seat I can take a shot left or right . With out having to turn my body.

    Regards Chill

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    Nominally right handed (actually, I only write with the right...) and left eye dominant in spite of it being not my "best" eye. My #1 lad is right handed (to write) but the poor bugger's left eye dominant. #2 is a proper lefty...

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    Good to know folks a few friends said this was strange and had never heard of anybody shooting like that.

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    I did know a golfer who played off 1 right handed an off 3 left handed , that is pure showing off grrrr

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    Add me to the list as well right handed, shoot (badly) left handed (poor right eye)


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