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Thread: Artificial roe skull

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    Artificial roe skull


    Has anyone ever used a resin roe skull? I've really cocked up a cut on a nice head using a cheap saw.....never again.

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    They use them a lot abroad, cost you about 60 for a Roe, they look ok. Easier than boiling them out.
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    can you not just stick the antlers on a different (real) skull from a cull buck?

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    how bad can it be? LOL

    you can always recut it with a very narrow skull cap and mount with a brass screw through the skull plate..a lot of older mounts done that way and it looks pretty good..a bit 'retro', but so what.

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    This subject has come up before and I think Jager sport was mentioned as having some.
    I'm sure if you search the site it will come up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckaroo8 View Post
    can you not just stick the antlers on a different (real) skull from a cull buck?
    Had to do this myself after one of mine fell off the wall and smashed the nose. Matching the pedicle thickness is the biggest issue however I got one pretty close and ran a wee bead of grab adhesive that I had kicking about the garage (cheap stuff from screxfix), along the joint and its virtually invisible.
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    Always best to shoot them in the chest.


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    Look up Timmermans taxidermy supplies in Germany. I think they sell them, although they are cast aluminium.
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    I sort of agree with PKL, how bad can it be ? that you can't true it up, short nose or even skull top, have seen one that was mounted on an artificial skull and was not impressed, though that may have been more to do with the person who mounted it,as someone else said getting pedicle size to match would be the biggest problem I imagine.

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    Its bad lol trust me. I'll try one and see how it looks, it's not a medal head but I do like to mount all that I've taken.

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