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Thread: Good selection of rifles in London

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    Good selection of rifles in London

    Can anyone recommend a store/shop which holds a good selection of rifles (Blaser, Sauer etc..) without having to do a trip outside to a Game Fair.

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    Try the East Barnet Gunshop. A friendly welcome and helpful advice guaranteed... Ok, seriously, as far as I know, there are no gunshops like that in London itself. The closest thing are the Holt's auction previews in Hammersmith, which are great. And they give you a free glass of wine!

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    Unfortunately not London but Steve Beaty at ivythorne Paul at corium in Gloucester or Swillingtons in Leeds ,all will fulfill your needs. With the first two you will actuly be able to fondle and shoot similar models before you part with your hard earned.
    nearly missed them out but Rigby near Lambeth carry a healthy stock of blaser now.
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    James Purdey and sons, Holland and Holland, William Evans will, I expect all sell you a lovely over and under double rifle. Once went into William Evans on St. James's St, near The Mall as I was in the neighbourhood as one of my sons was getting his Duke of Edinburgh gold award at St. James's Palace. Bloody lovely stuff in there. I bought a horn dog whistle. I asked to blow it before I bought it. It was about the only thing I could afford there, but it must be okay as I still use it.

    To be honest, I think there's any number of reasonable gun shops if you venture a short distance out of London into the surrounding counties, which I would think would be a better bet.

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    Actually William Evans on St James has a good selection of the more common rifles - Sako's, Rugers, Sauer's, CZs and Mausers. And if you go just up st James to the Beretta Gallery you have all the Tika's and Sako's.

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    The Beretta Gallery isn't bad, they actually know what they're talking about and are the only shop in London that seems to have more than the absolutely most common calibres in stock. At a price. But their selection of rifles is limited to half a dozen Tikka and Sakos. Ray Ward don't have any rifles at all apart from the odd extraordinary double rifle. I quite like William Evans, but again, not much in the stalking department. Essentially all the gunshops left in Central London are focused on catering for those involved in the more expensive end of driven shooting. You can't blame them, after all you have to cater for your customers. Ray Ward are actually geared towards an international clientele for whom London is just a stopover sort of destination. But your low-budget shooter isn't very well catered for round these parts anymore.

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    How about May of London, Buckhurst Hill, just north of Woodford ? I haven't been there but I've bought from them over the phone, found them to be wholly professional.

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    I went into William Evans on my lunch break the other day snd was surprised. All way out of my price bracket (by at least 1 zero!) but the gun room manager was quite happy to talk about packages and said that he would get in cheaper rifles i.e. Tikka/Remington/Browning if anyone actually wanted to order one. They also have a large stock of 7x57 mauser ammunition as many of their customers have old Rigby rifles. If like me you work in central London then they are well worth visiting. Which surprised me as I thought I might not exactly be welcomed (being both broke and scruffy!).

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    Roding armoury just inside the m25. In essex Open thursday friday saturday
    ​or donaldsons in herts just outside the m25

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    Thanks for this. Probably looks like I'll have to venture a bit out of London to get a broader selection. Otherwise bite the bullet and head to The British Shooting show in Feb, which seems to have everything (anyone been there before?)

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