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Thread: Big love and many thanks to Jelen Deer Services

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    Thumbs up Big love and many thanks to Jelen Deer Services

    I was fortunate enough to win the prize draw no here a few months ago and have got back from the course this evening.

    I would like to thank Mike and his team for an excellent course which was very professionally delivered (perhaps a slight (amusing) mistake during the gralloch but that was an excellent learning experience and I am sure will be available for all to see on here soon) - of course I was very pleased to be doing the course for nothing but I would be just as pleased and full of praise had I paid for the course as well.

    The guys were all very patient with me using their estate rifle and being a relative novice to centre fires (my FAC is hopefully on the way and should be helped having (hopefully) the DSC1.

    I know I have passed the the deer ID, the safety walk and the shooting test and hopefully I have passed the two written tests as well.

    If you are considering taking your DSC1 then I would thoroughly recommend Jelen, excellent training material and online training and a very enjoyable 3 days with a good bunch of lads with excellent food and facilities provided. I learnt an awful lot over the last three days which I think would have taken me an awfully long time otherwise and it was an excellent opportunity to be taught by people who really know what they are talking about.

    Thanks again,

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    yep Mike and the team really make you feel welcome, good luck with the results hopefully it will not be too long a wait.

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    I was on the course with Oscarsdad and echo his sentiments wholeheartedly

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