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Thread: Canadian black bear

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    Canadian black bear

    Well the time has finally got here. In the morning I will be jetting off to canada to visit friends. One of which is to take me out after a black bear and hopefully a white tail deer. Since it's early in the season we will be using muzzle loaders and black powder in 50 cal. I've never shot a bear (never even seen one in real life) or shot such a rifle so really looking forward to having a go. He has seen 3 bear today. one mother and last years young and a big male bear. All I hope is they were not in his kitchen eating porridge. If I get real lucky and see one I'll do a write up and better still get to shoot one. That would be fantastic. They 'stalk' or should say hund differently to us using bait sites which may seem a bit un-sporting. I do like to wind my mate up telling him he should learn to hunt properly and walk round looking for his quarry. If you saw the dense forest you'd soon realize you would most probably be an old man before you got to even see a bear or deer. Anyway wish me luck, and and useful suggestions gratefully received.

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    Will you be eating it or getting a trophy?

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    Good luck! Something I've gotta do! Looking forward to the photographs.

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    It will be going in the freezer of my mate. He has a bbq planned so I hope we get some meat to cook. Hopefully I'll get the skin tanned then next time I'm over I'll bring it back once all the paperwork done. He has sorted out all the tickets etc so will see what happens. They tell me it's good eating!

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    They are v good eating, lots of good recipes, the fat is also excellent and can be boiled down to make a good cooking oil.

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    Im sure johndeere will add his penny worth to this one .

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    Wow good look sure all us sd members will be in envy, fingers crossed.

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    They make excellent eating looking forward to the photos and the story.
    By the way don’t eat the local Beaver ugggggggg

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    Good luck. I had my first bear in the spring with a bow. Great hunt. What part of Canada are you in.

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