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Thread: Sheared leupold standard rear ring!!! Help!

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    Sheared leupold standard rear ring!!! Help!

    Just got my 375 h&h remmy 700 back from brock and norris, stuck a 3-12 Duralyt on it secured with 2pc leupold std bases and rings. Zeroed fine then went to pot for a few shots after about 12 shots but the gun was hot as hell so just let that go. When I got home though I noticed that the rear join between that bases and rings that is secured by the locking screws had sheared at both recesses like it was soft aluminium rather than steel. The ring had moved a few mm forward out of the recess stripping the metal. Everything had been tight but 300gr at top end charge creates a lot of recoil!

    What better options in steel are there to secure down a 30mm tube that won't let me down? Ideally one piece?


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    Iron sights are the way forward Paul,wouldn't have a scope on mine.

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    hey Paul.

    this is what you need. not cheap though..

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    Time to get a steel picatinny rail on board and some quality rings.
    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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    Get a set of Talley rings and Bases. You won't have any more issues. Some Leupold stuff is quite good. Other bits not so.

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