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Thread: Article in Independent

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    Article in Independent

    My in-laws gave me a copy of this (in print), found it on their website:

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    Not sure I believe the figure of 350,000 culled by 1000 stalkers - that would mean an average of 350 each! Or do they mean professional stalkers?

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    Quite interesting to see such an unbiased and balanced article in a national paper for once

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    Nice article just got his numbers wrong that's all i am sure there are a couple more than 1000 But hey its nice to read something positive for a change.

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    More like 350,000 Red deer in Scotland could be closer to the truth .

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    Agree, nice balanced article. In the national press too!


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    Interesting comment by the chef about ageing venison.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boghossian
    Interesting comment by the chef about ageing venison.
    I'm no expert but when Rosemary Shrager was at Amhuinnsuidhe she used to hang her venison for 2 - 3 days.

    I suspect that for a reasonable proportion of "cookery experts" or whatever you want to call them all this stuff about hanging meat for months on end is merely some form of affectation or a weird form of snobbery. If one says he hangs his venison for 2 weeks then the next one has to say his hangs for 4 weeks, no matter what the effect on the meat is. I find venison hung for less than a week mighty fine and no worse than stuff hung for longer plus I have neither the facilities nor the inclination to hang it for any longer.

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    An interesting and unusually "pro" article, read the comments after it though..entirly predictable crap!

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    click on more pictures for err more pictures

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