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Thread: Hello from near Harrogate

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    Hello from near Harrogate

    Hello all,

    Whilst Iím new to deer stalking Iíve shot other game for many years. I have FAC for a .22LR and am currently trying to decide on which deer (biggest likely to be Roe plus foxes) calibre to apply for. As Iím sure youíll all be aware, this is never a easy task given the range of calibres and, more importantly, the range of opinions out there!

    Iíve done a couple of paid stalks (sadly without the opportunity to take a short yet L) and am planning on doing my DSC1 in the new year.

    One of the reasons Iím joining the forum is to see if I can find some stalkers in my area (Harrogate/Leeds although I am of course willing to travel) who perhaps might be willing to allow me to accompany them on a stalk or two so that I can build some experience. Iím not worried at this stage about taking the shots, itís just about getting some more practical stalking experience Ė there is only so much you can read in books and on websites!


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    Welcome to the site Rob
    Hunting isn't just something I do it's part of who I am

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Any thoughts on the best way to approach members in my area to ‘buddy’ on some of their stalks?

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    Welcome to the site,


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