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Thread: 12 gauge ???

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    12 gauge ???

    Is it worth reloading as i have been thinking about doing so but just dont know ???? If i was to reload it would be 4/5 shot 32gram & 37gram ??

    Any thoughts or help on this matter would be good


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    I looked into this and for specialist stuff maybe but run of the mill no.
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    I reload 12 & 28 guage. You don't save any money with standard 12ga loads, unless it is heavy or esoteric. Loads around 36-44 gram (1.25-1.5oz in old money) are usually cheaper to load than buy. I do it because I can customise it to do exactly what I like, for example a light clay load I use with a slightly lower velocity than the commercial ones, so I gain the advantage of the lighter load, as I see it, of less recoil.
    With 28ga there are savings - the cost of them to buy is scary but there's less powder & shot in them, so are relatively cheap to load.
    "Savings" of course ignores the cost of the press etc... like all these things one does it for the satisfaction of shooting things with ones self assembled cartridges - like a trout on a self tied fly or deer with a home load.

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    I reload for 12 gauge i do it because i enjoy it, you would save money if you make your own shot or use none lead for fowling.
    it does give you an advantage to play around and pick a load to suite your gun also. It is easy to set up i got a real cheap mec 600 I just use carts from a clay ground so costs are minimal now, atb wayne
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    What sort of price would I be looking at for a good set up??

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    with 12bore only unless loading for wildfowl not realy worth itif useing .410 or 28bore then I would say most def yes

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