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    Could someone recommend a mincer please?

    I have an old cast iron number 10, and it has finally caused me to throw it away. Bloody awful, but I guess it was OK in its day!

    I don't really want to spend more than 40, need it to be able to handle stuff with a bit of fat or sinew on it, but it will probably only get used once in a blue moon. Happy for manual or electric.



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    You'll be best of with your budget with a hand one in alls honesty. I've tried and tested cheap electronic ones and no good.
    Pita request in classifieds for a hand one and youll come up trumps im sure.

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    Any to stear clear of? The one I have just got rid of has no 'knife' on it (just 2 plates) and I think I will try one of those next.

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    Aldi and Lidl do a decent one at 39. They were in store about four weeks ago.

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    I brought a bushwear one and it will mince up 10lb of venison in a few minutes but it was over 50.

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