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Thread: SM Knives, a get to know me WIP...

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    SM Knives, a get to know me WIP...

    *He picks up a chair and carries it to the centre of the room, places it softly down facing all comers, as he sits a thin haze of steel dust emanates from his clothing and then disperses as swiftly as it appeared*

    "Hi all, my name is Stuart and I love knives!"

    Seriously, making knives is all I have ever done, I'll not bore you with too much detail but having parents who both worked in the Sheffield trade it so followed that I would too, I left school at 15 years old and began an apprenticeship under my father, which was fun at times I can tell you, back then the cutlery trade is exactly where we were, all the usual piles of never changing gear we have all seen coming out of Sheffield over the years...

    Later we diversified, we made a comprehensive range of what we called 'Benchmade' knives, my dads ethos back then was to get good quality working knives into the hands that used them at affordable money, for many years we achieved that with that range and my folks attendance at the Country/Game Fairs around the country, we were Pat Mitchell (Cutlers) then and I'll bet a 1 to a 1p that there are a fair few Pat Mitchell knife owners around these parts?

    The problem with the knives we were making and selling was that there was never enough profit in them, my folks doing it more for the love, after their loss things changed slightly, I headed off in a slightly different angle, there was much 'blade only' work around, Sgian blades for the Scottish market, a range of blades supplied to Wilkinson Sword, it was good work and plentiful, I took on an apprentice, then I got him one, it reached a point where we were five pairs of hands strong in my little workshop, we were making money, what I wasn't making though was knives, and I missed it...

    I was office bound and quite frankly a little disillusioned with it all, taking on work I didn't really want to keep the other eight hands busy, then Wilkinson closed down and that signaled the end for me, Pat Mitchell (Cutlers) was mothballed and I went to work with a mate of mine importing wall and floor tiles from around Europe...

    I wasn't cut out for that and without going in to too much detail things were not adding up at the month end, so we had words and I got out, then what though?

    I headed back to my mothballed workshop, there were no orders of course, no work to do, so I dug around and found a few materials, I made a knife, from the Pat Mitchell (Cutlers) back catalogue, I had no buyer so I stuck it on eBay, do you know what, it sold, for not bad money too, so I made another, and another...

    Then I got an email, 'just seen your knife on eBay which I like but can you make one slightly different for me' type of thing, which I did, and that is what I still do today, make Custom Knives for those that ask...

    So, in a nutshell that is me, how I got here today and that is the 'get to know me' part over with, so in this thread this is what we are going to make, three Muntjac and three scaled up versions, as yet unnamed...

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    what will the finnised munty look like and the cost of ? are you going to put a working mans easy sharpning or a jig jobby ,things i like to know are what will the scales be made of , how will thay be fixed ,are you going to put a cord eyelet in the bolster just like this old feller of yours from the past
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    Oh NO this is not what I needed to see on this forum!!

    Stuart, I have the following set of rather nice stabilised scales that I intended to have Alan Wood re-handle one of his Damascus bushcraft knives with but have subsequently realised the combination of ‘busy’ Damascus patterning and even more active spalted scales does not work aesthetically.

    So how about using them on one of your plane bladed knives??



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    Hi fellas, thanks for the interest, it'll be this evening now before there's a proper update but in that will be all you need to know, spec, prices, everything....

    I know that knife paul o', is it yours?

    Klenchblaize, obviously very doable but not for these, I have a very clear vision in mind of where this six are headed, build wise, again it'll have to be later when I get to that...

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    Really looking forward to watching this progress. Been thinking about getting another knife too..................

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    Took you long enough to join here?
    Welcome to the site and I look forward to your posts.
    Have been a very pleased customer of Stuart's for many years.

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    Owning a gun or knife and not using it, is akin to not sleeping with your girlfriend to keep her neat and tidy for the next bloke.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Remember this pair of beauties?

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    Stuart welcome
    I've always wanted crack at making my own knife and will do one of these days. Great thread ....Neil

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    Lately I have been thinking a lot about this, which I mentioned earlier...

    Quote Originally Posted by Stuart Mitchell View Post
    my dads ethos back then was to get good quality working knives into the hands that used them at affordable money
    I feel fortunate to be a maker of custom knives, having a workshop full of modern 'Super' steel, Damasteel, Desert Ironwood and Mammoth Ivory is a dream come true, it does make the end result a costly thing though...

    My plan here is to try and revert back a little to my dads ethos of old, good quality working knives into the hands that use them, those are the knives in this WIP...

    I have a sub 300 target for these knives, now I know full well that is still not exactly Mora money but it is a huge saving on a commissioned 'Custom', a commissioned knife in say RWL34, DI and leather will easily be upwards of 450...

    I am trying to achieve this by limiting options, one steel, the Sheffield made SF100 Stainless, it is a steel I know and trust, I was going for only two handle options, green canvas Micarta and black canvas Micarta, the green over a black liner and the black over a green one, I suspect though that a bright option might be a popular one so I might slip an orange G10 over black liner colour way in there, cost might be the deciding factor there, we will see?

    All will be made up as this...

    • Satin polished flat ground blades of the SF100 blade steel at 3mm stock
    • Blasted handles (except maybe the G10?)
    • Tapering tangs
    • Two SS Hidden/Corby bolt fixings
    • SS lined lanyard tube
    • Kydex sheath, with an option of either RH or LH carry and either vertical or horizontal carry

    ​I am going to try and get those half dozen blanks HT'd tomorrow morning, I'll also try and photo that as I do...

    I am sure there are questions, please fire away...

    Cheers all, Stu.

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