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Thread: do you home load

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    do you home load

    Hi, quick you home load? Please just answer yes or no, this is not a discussion point but a quick survey. Many thanks.

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    no never tried it

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    Oh what the hell, if you have time let us know what you load, and maybe why........but please don't disagree with anyone. Keep the poll as a poll, not an argument . Thanks.

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    .22 Hornet


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    Hi have been reloading a couple of years 270Win and 223Rem

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    i once borrowed a gun on a shoot with some ammo which was home loaded and had a bad experience!!!
    i was out in the field and for a second could not remember if i loaded up, after opening the bolt i found the bullet to be what i thought was a spent round, after my embarrassment, i proceeded to load in another round and found i couldnt quite shut the bolt!
    the rounds i had borrowed had obviously not been crimped tight enough on the head and it left the bullet head in the barrel.
    im just glad i wasnt able to get another round in as if i had taken a shot, who knows what the result may have been!!!!!
    im sure everyone on here who home loads does a good job but it does go to show if rounds are not made with special care then they can be potentially lethal!!
    i have always bought factory!!!



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    270 X 2

    357 handgun usually I shoot 38 special out of it. But I do not homeload for it.

    Home loaded for about 10 years I would guess.

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