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Thread: Stainless Steel tables and sinks

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    Stainless Steel tables and sinks

    These have just been taken out of a restaurant which flooded. I had to take the lot although I only wanted a couple of the smaller ones. I have priced them to sell quickly.

    1. Stainless steel table 1800mm x 800mm with sink therein 60

    2. Stainless steel table 2100mm x 700mm with sink therein 60

    3. Stainless steel table 600mm x 800mm with hole therein 30 (SOLD)

    4. Stainless steel table 800mm x 900mm 30

    5. Two stainless steel sinks 30

    Photos show the two larger tables stacked on each other. Taps are included free of charge!

    Currently in storage at Mildenhall IP28 7DE.

    Regards David
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    Would like to get a table but just too far away - good luck in selling them.


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    Courier to Scotland for one of the smaller tables was 25 so not too bad.

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    Could you get a price for the second one to Southport please?
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Table arrived today thanks, (next day delivery) Hassle free transaction.

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    My mate who is storing the tables has had a look at them and the 1800mm has some kind of fancy spray attachment on the taps. The 2100mm table has a sink cover so it can be used as a worktop.

    Cost of delivery to Southport is 35 and that would include either of the two large tables. So delivery is very reasonable as is the price of the tables!

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    Hi David
    interested in the three tables left for a couple of mates and myself.
    Can pick up as only at Ipswich.
    can you do a deal on all three.
    ​Cheers Steve.

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    The 2100 x 700 table is now sold.

    This leaves 1800 x 800 table with sink 70
    800 x 900 table 30
    Two stainless steel sinks 30

    (PM sent to white van man)

    thanks David 07561 306026
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    The 1800 x 800 table with sink will actually cost 45 to courier and I want to get rid of it so 45 collected or 90 posted (posted at cost so if you live somewhere exotic contact me for a price!!). A bargain!!

    Currently in storage at Mildenhall IP28 7DE.

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    Hi David,
    I can take the table now will pick up on Saturday.
    do you want cash or shall I transfer.
    Cheers Steve
    01473 787796
    ​07850 787796

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