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Thread: My own ground at last

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    My own ground at last

    After a few years of trying I now have my own bit of ground. This came totally out of the blue whilst at work, when I got talking to the owner of some land that we train on & he complained that the deer had demolished most of the 1000+ trees that he had planted.

    I have spent a few outing just looking & have seen 11 fallow does & a half decent buck (heard him grunting the other evening). Also a doe and kid together, most crossing on the field belonging to the adjacent farm. apparently there are a few monty's about aswell but haven't seen any as yet. The owner states there is upto 80 fallow at times !!!
    Can I ask peoples views on what age deer to take preference on, or any suggestions on good reading for mangement.
    Ps. I need to leave the big buck.

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    well done you , i was in the same situation 7 or 8 yrs ago it is nice to have ure own patch ! you never know do a good job and you never no more land maybe on the horizon .

    these land owners talk you know and thats how i ended up with nearly 2000 acres ! plus contract work !

    cheers lee

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    Hi needsy

    Congrats on your first bit of ground..

    something that still eludes me at this time

    I guess before starting to gauge any ages etc for a cull plan it would probably be a good idea to put the graft and time in doing a few counts and assessing if necessary where if any high seats would be well placed..

    Good luck fella

    Remember .. help is only a pm away


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    Many congratulations, its a great feeling isnt it

    Start on your poor prickets and barren doe's, first. Good luck and let us all know how you get on.

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    It just so happens that I have got just over a week off work coming up & the missus wanted loads of jobs doing around the house. I think she knows were I will be though.

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    well done mate,have a great weeks holiday im sure you will what ever the weather.keep us posted and good luck

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    Congratulations Needsy,

    As has been said, it's the greatest feeling in the world. The best part is that it is usually followed in short succession by other pieces of ground dropping into your lap.

    Nothing like being able to introduce yourself as 'looking after the Deer management for Bob Smith next door'.

    Surprising how a courtesy visit, with the benefit of your new found status as a deer manager, seems to often result in new permissions!



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    Your first priority is to get one or two on the ground to let the owner see that you are committed then you can think about long term management.
    [ Your owner will be more concerned with his short term damage ! ]

    For good management you will need to cull all age groups but if population density is perceived as too high you will need to make a substantial reduction of the females to reduce the annual increment.


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    Quote Originally Posted by needsy
    It just so happens that I have got just over a week off work coming up & the missus wanted loads of jobs doing around the house. I think she knows were I will be though.
    Well done on the ground but dont forget to keep the other half sweet and do her tasks for her or do what l did get her take up stalking also, sorted

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    Nice one, now the best advice i can give you is a) dont tell ANYONE where it is and b) dont ever take anyone there!

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