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Thread: mauser 243/308

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    mauser 243/308

    thinking of buying changable barrel and scope for my 308 . would like to know from any members who have this set up, if you have to zero rifle every time you change the calibre. suppliers have indicated that you do not ,would like to know your veiws.

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    If your rifle is a Mauser Model 66 the scope is on the barrel and not on the action.
    I had a Mod.66 in 5.6X61 Vom Hofe Super Express with a steel Weaver 3-9 scope which I used in R. of Ireland from 1972 when the law only permitted .22cfs for shooting Deer.
    Here in England I fitted a .30-06 barrel which had a Zeiss scope on top.
    I always tried to apply similar torque when I tightened the barrel/breech screws but I always checked zero on my range before firing it at live creatures.
    Generally it was on song but for humane control I had to be sure.


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    Mauser 03 in 6.5x55 will be spot on every single time I change barrel.
    Expensive but highly recommended. I shared very similar doubts. Proved it myself that it goes to zero after every barrel swap.

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    I have a friend with a M03 - despite any reservations I had, barrels change, sights are removed and replaced - and zero remains within .5" of the start point.

    Nice kit - that works well, also very much like the de-cocker system as opposed to a safety catch.

    Pity about the 340 for each set of mounts!



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    Blaser, Sauer, Mauser etc. all maintain zero on take apart / put together.

    Indeed, you can use only one scope on all your barrels.

    Just set prime zero on your most used barrel. You then zero on other barrels noting the change in clicks from prime.


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