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Thread: Arktis Ark Air Jackets?

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    Arktis Ark Air Jackets?

    Have you seen the Ark Air jackets/smocks from Arktis? Very similar to their standard smocks, but with suede shoulder and back panels? I'm thinking about getting one, as they are a good bit cheaper than the Country Covers smock, and are presumably of the same quality. I'm not sure about the suede though, it does give it a more civvy-like appearance which is good, but is it washable? How does it hold up over time?

    Has anyone here got one? What do you think of it?


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    I have an older model avenger, if it does need a wash just retreat with Fabsil Gold and its as good as new.

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    Are you on about the eBay 90 ones?
    ​Well worth that money I'd have thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dickie View Post
    Are you on about the eBay 90 ones? ​Well worth that money I'd have thought.
    That's the ones. 90 for the windproof or 115 for the waterproof version.

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