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Thread: red deer rut

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    red deer rut

    Hello all,
    I am off to the shores of Loch Rannoch on Sunday for a week on the stags.Any signs of activity in the area?
    Cant wait to hear the sound of roaring stags again.
    ​Cheers Hubert

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    Keeper told me tonight they were roaring in Yorkshire on sunday morning

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    Quote Originally Posted by mark@mbb View Post
    Keeper told me tonight they were roaring in Yorkshire on sunday morning
    I haven't heard any yet,North Yorkshire?
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    i heard one roaring in newton stewart on sunday marning

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    Where abouts are you in north yorkshire

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    Up at Ben more today ! Never heard a thing

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    just back from two days on the hill by loch awe...not a single stag in sight, certainly nothing's as if aliens came and took them!! normally, I'd see probably 200+ hinds and at least 25-50 stags.

    saw not one stag,,and maybe 12 hinds....

    f'ing bizarre!!

    ​then again,,,maybe the FC boys next door have been at it day and night since last year!

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    Just back from 3 days on the west coast of Scotland. I saw plenty of Reds and shot 3 stags but the rut certainly hadnt started and we didnt hear any roaring though it was certainly close with lots of wallows opened up.


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    back tonight from ayrshire roaring last night and walked into a stag this morning as it was all quite and from out of knowhere he ran in roaring i think i gave out a little wee, writeup to follow with questions as rut was close but not on.atb wayne
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