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    Well where to start. As a younger lad I was always into shooting with going stalking and lamping in scotland on families land for a few year.
    I then decided to join the armed forces where I took up the trade of gunsmith (armourer - Class 1). I am still serving but after a parachuting accident that resulted in two broken legs and pelvis in 5 places. I had sometime to decide what I wanted todo with my life.

    I have since purchased my first house with my wife. Where I am in the process of obtaining my RFD and converting a larger building into a workshop.

    Shooting now I am a member of a DIY shoot with some great members this is mainly pheasant but also have a flight pond. Im very lucky to have a father in law that takes me out for some morning flights on the geese as well.

    There is more but I will not dull you with the details.

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    welcome ,from another lancashire lad ,lovely bit of country through the trough of bowland , atb arron.

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    Many thanks

    Arron the trough of bowland is lovely think the best way to see it has to be beating on the Abbystead estate shame I cant get any permissions on the Duke's land. some wishful thinking maybe.

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    Welcome to the site. Just one thing you have gunsmith in your username, you are a gunsmith and in the process of becoming a RFD and building a workshop, if you intend to advertise your services on here then you will need to take out trade membership, it is not expensive and it pays for the running of the site.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    No I don't intend on currently advertising my service on the forum, mainly as all my work comes form my local dealers with only being part time as still serving military there is enough work for me there. This also means I don't have people visiting my home address all the time. As much as I love talking shooting, i'm not sure my wife will be to pleased.

    If I do decide to advertise my services as an individual and my business goes full time. I shall endeavour to assist in supporting the forum and did notice the charges for the trade tag etc but thanks for the heads up.

    I shall just be talking shooting and offering advise where i think fit in my subject area.

    Many thanks

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    Welcome to the site Mike

    May see you in Malmo's as its near to me

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    Mike welcome to the site looking forward to reading your posts
    ​regards pete

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