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Thread: Good Price for Tikka M595 with S&B 8x42 Duplex

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    Good Price for Tikka M595 with S&B 8x42 Duplex

    What is a good Price for a Tikka M595 (wood, std barrel, not screw cut), leather sling and swivels with S&B 8 (or is it 6)x42 Duplex? Both seem in vgc and are on offer for 850. I feel that 500 for the rifle and 250 for the scope (so 750) is a fair offer....

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    I would be happy with 850 if in good nick but 750 would make it even more attractive......

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    Seems about the going rate at 750, 850 is pushing it.

    Think you'll find the S&B will be a 6 power in 42 objective. or 10 power in 42 but they're a little rarer and worth a bit more.

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    agree with the 750 valuation to be honest , if you want it screw cutting, proofing its all on top and is the scope 1" or 30mm, however when all said and done if you can afford it and its what you want ( very nice combo too) then buy it with a small discount

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    I got mine with optilocks, leupold vari-X 3 (50mm obj) and not screw cut for 500.

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