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Thread: meat damage

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    meat damage

    when i was up in scotland on sikamalcs lease i was lucky to grass 2 sika hinds,the 1st one i neck shot wich dropped on the spot which was a nice calf,i reloaded and there was 2 other hinds running through the trees in front of me,i give out a whistle and they stopped so i shot number 2 , that was a nice heart/lung shot.anyway i dropped them into my butcher when we got home,and the next day he called me to say he had skinned the calf and it looked great but now the shocking bit was next,he said the other hinds front end was no good at all and i coudnt believe what he was telling me as the bullet had not touched the shoulders,so he called in to show me.what a mess it was both front legs/shoulders were black with blood/bruising even going up into the neck.i just wondered if this happens much?he said he gets it fairly common in beast shot this way.i was using my .308 with 150grn soft points.i know its better to have this than to lose a beast but it was a shame to dispose of the front end.

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    that was where you struck it with the bull bars before shooting it

    It would have been good to see a photo just to see how bad. Sometimes you can get damage but usually when the bullet clips a shoulder blade or other bone. It can cause blood and bruising to track through between the seams of flesh, but normally one side will be more damaged than the other. I have never had to throw out a whole front end due to this type of shot.

    It sounds like you were just very unlucky that it made a mess of the whole front end.

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    sorry jingzy no photo,but the bullet went straight through the ribs,with the exit only just a bit larger than where the shot could see where it had travelled up the seams.hope you are keeping well mate.i bet your wife is missing not chatting to me

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    Like a bell to Pavlov's dog . . .

    Try the Sako Powerhead (Barnes TSX) in 165gn. Sako

    Excess carcass damage was precisely the reason I first gave the the TSX a go and I haven't looked back since.

    All the best


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    if your looking for a nice tidy animal for the table ,neck or head shoot it .

    ignore people telling you to use a hard bullet .the round your using is ideal for light skins animals like sika .

    i had some SST hornady interbonds left over from the stags in 270 ,i shot a dozen or so hinds and calfs with them last week .

    not the job at all to hard .i necked a calf broke the bone no expansion ,at close range .if i had the 110 v max in the only thing holding on the head would be skin .
    what i saying is as a all round bullet you have a good one.

    lucky the groups from the two rounds group into the one hole at a 100m.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irishgun
    ignore people telling you to use a hard bullet
    Ever the gentleman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iwrch
    Quote Originally Posted by irishgun
    ignore people telling you to use a hard bullet
    Ever the gentleman.
    sorry , i did not intend to cause you offence ,

    in my experience shooting sika on the open hill you will get away with a bullet of a hard compound or unsuitable bullet for your intended quarry.
    let them run 150m out of sight so ,what the dog will find them in long heather.
    do the same in gorse or a ticket crop of spruce on a wet day, not a good trick.been there to many times.
    A sika hinds are every bit as hard to kill as a stag .

    i chested a calf using the interbonds it was a long shot he ran more than i thought he would after i killed the hind , i hit him a bit low and a tiny bit back he went 70 odd yds .his heart was well hit .

    there is no correct answer ,use the bullet /rifle combo you are capable with.
    i like hard hitting bullets like,v max , ballistic tips in the 270 ,for mostly necking .
    soft points driven quick are also very good.

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    Thanks IG. Its forgotten.

    I took a sika hind with my Sako Powerheads one frosty morning from about 120 yards and she ran a good 50 before dropping stone dead. The bullet placement was ideal, both wounds billowing clouds of water vapour as she ran through the chill air. Despite producing a smaller exit wound than lead rounds the amount of bood that spilled out from the chest cavity was quite staggering and showed that copper rounds do exactly what we expect of them once they mess with the internal organs. The carcass was spot on.

    I have also dropped fully mature lowland red hinds on the spot with, again, very little carcass damage.

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    As Jingzy said I think sometimes you can just be unlucky. If blood collects in that pocket in the muscle groups between the front leg and the body it can leach outwards and spoil the surrounding meat. It seems like they can bleed into that cavity sometimes even though there is no direct damage to the shoulder, and there is no way of seeing it until you skin it


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    alex,thats what it seems like has happened to me,you can see where it has travelled up through the least it didnt go far and it went into the larder rather than to have lost it all,i do agree you dont get any damage when you neck/head them but as we all know it aint always possible.i will stick with the federal for the time being.thanks guys

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