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Thread: Compact/covert camera while stalking

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    Compact/covert camera while stalking

    There have been a few cases in the media lately, including one involving somone who I know personally where a malicious report has been made to the police following a chance meeting with a bunny hugger while out stalking. In the case I know of, the individual was accused of threatening the anti with his rifle. He is well known to the police who accepted his account rather than that of the anti, however the increasing militancy of antis has me wondering about getting a small camera to carry when out stalking to record any such incident.

    1) I don't know if an obvious camera would be a deterent to any such anti or if a covert camera would be better. Any views/advice?

    2) Has anyone any experience of being on the wrong end of such an incident, if so what happened and what was the outcome?

    3) Has anyone any experience/knowledge of small cameras that might be worth a look?

    All input welcome.


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    No experience of this but very interesting.
    On the camera front, quite expensive but a ''GoPro'' camera I think would be good. Great bits of kit. Youtube them.

    All the best.


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    The first step is probably knowing how to use the voice recorder on your phone, which can be used discreetly.

    I borrowed a go pro recently and getting the hang of the settings when you're at your leisure is awkward enough, so whatever you use in a pressure situation has to be as simple as possible. I recently tried to film my deerhound cross on a fox with my phone and found I had hit the pause button! My guess would be something that mounts on the breast pocket similar to the flexible-head torch would be handy.

    My own feeling is that overt recording will deter the average anti who is thinking along the lines of not letting the truth get in the way of a 'good' story.There's a lot of ignorance out there and sometimes if you can start a conversation the temperature may not rise. If I was any doubt about the situation, both bolt and magazine / ammo would be transferred to pocket or bag before approaching someone.

    There are regular posts on SD about the degrees of confontation, but your query is about recording same. I hope someone comes up with some info.


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    I know the IFCA (sea fish officers) where about to get body cams, might be worth contacting them, cheers

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    Veho muvi
    Small, voice and visual
    Mine was delivered within 2 days
    Look on Amazon 30 ish

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