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Thread: stalking sticks ?

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    stalking sticks ?

    Anyone know where to get folding forester's type sticks, I have suitable hazel & ash single sticks that could be sawn lengthways but don't like to wreck good stuff Anyone on here making such gear?Steve.

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    I've got diagrams for making my sticks which work well. I plan to put them on my web site when I get some photographs. Can you pm me your own email address (with your real name and say on the email reference this forum - because of spammers , creeps and antis , I'm careful to whom I reply in this business) and I'll send you an email direct

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    pm sent.

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    Find someone with a bench saw with a 2.5mm blade.
    I made one from 34mm hardwood dowel, cost 14.
    I tried 25mm dowel which was not stiff enough

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    Hi, i use 6ft handles from a forestry equipment company in Bathgate called Chieftain Forge, saw them lengthways and put a wingnut about 8in from the top, if i remember they cost about 4 each. Ive lost count of the number ive made as all my mates steal them.

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    Thanks for your comments fella's, I am certainly going to sort a set out come hell or highwater!

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    i use 2x green garden poles from B&Q (aluminium) a hoover belt holds them together,and if you want to finish them off at ALFORDS i got a pack of 4 handle bar for each top then cut one in half and placed it under the belt,then cut another and place them at the bottom to stop them banging together,total cost 10.

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    Hi Mick, had those, they are ok until you start using them to dip spaggy bogs & using them to cross burns,they bend, still they are ok for pasture or arable ground, the forester's type are easily capable of carrying Roe deer. Steve.

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    These sticks work a treat. 6foot ash stem planed smooth then sawn longitudinally. Heavy shock cord for binding and attach a shorter (B&Q) pine dowel using a metal hook as shown. Adjust height by widening legs or sliding shock cord. Sticks can be used by two guys to drag a beast by attaching drag rope in middle and holding sticks in mid-rift. Most useful as a binocular rest to save aching arms and prevent shakes.

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    I've just made an experimental pair from pine that i had lying around , sawn straight down the middle (so they fit together perfectly) bolt through the top and a tapered dovetail near the bottom which tightens as its closed to stop any rattles works a treat now looking for some ash to make another set out of

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