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Thread: dan from ayrshire. this is an introduction

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    dan from ayrshire. this is an introduction

    hi there
    im dan from kilwinning in ayrshire. used to be a keen roughshooter until i caught the stalking first stalking experience was in 2006 when i was invited up to a friends place to shoot a few sika stags. i used a bsa 270 and a parker hale 308 . that was me hooked. as i stated in a previous thread i have finally been granted my fac for a 243 and moderator . im a full basc member and have recently gained my dsc1so im looking to make new friends and aquaintences on this site and learn tips and gain knowledge from experienced stalkers.
    hope to speak to some of you soon.

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    welcome to the site Dan and good luck with the stalking


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    Welcome to the asylum, enjoy!!


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    who's running the asylum. neil ? thanks for the welcome mate

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    thanks for the welcome mate. hope to chat soon

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    thanks for the welcome tartan terrier. cool picture. takes me back!

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    Welcome to the site no that far from you in East Ayrshire.


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