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Thread: Anyone know where 'Old tikka' is?

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    Anyone know where 'Old tikka' is?

    Hi all I recently contacted Chris (Old Tikka) and agreed to buy some boots from him but have heard nothing from him since the 15th of this month. I just wondered if anyone knew him and could confirm that he's ok?

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    Im in the same position.

    Hopefully all all is well?


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    Hi Jonathon I was in regular contact with Chris over a few days and he's just gone completely silent, not replying to messages and no activity on here since the 16th

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    He has been on holiday all of last week,I will pass on your comments when I speak to him tomorrow.
    If it is really urgent then pm me and I will forward that to his e-mail.


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    not the first time if you search back in the history of the site!...did you pay already...cough cough..

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    He was spot on with the bipod I bought from him in his defence.

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    Thanks for the replies, not a problem i can see that he's a reliable sort of chap but was just a bit concerned for him having not heard back.

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