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    This may not be the correct place to put this.
    Now that we have live with the Lisbon Treaty would we now be able to expect grants for FAC's to cover unrestricted pistols and revolvers for use not only on the range for target shooting, but for those members who are allowed to use a pistol/ revolver for the humane despatch of deer and other animals. Several of our European neighbours are allowed to own unrestricted weapons both for target shooting and the Coup de Grāce when hunting. I do not know how many countries allow this, but I expect that somebody will be able to enlighten us. If we are not allowed to own such weapons is it breaching our rights under the European treaty.
    Look forward to the replies on this. SN.

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    There are certain exemptions to wish member nations retain the rights to control particular matters, I sadly believe you may well find firearms is one of those.
    However beware of wishing for something as you may well get it, some of the Euro states have very odd ideas of licensing, no military calibres eg .308 the list goes on.

    Why not argue the discrepencies situation in Great Britain rather than EU, look towards Northern Ireland, they still have pistols and they can also be owned for self defence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by legaleagle69
    some of the Euro states have very odd ideas of licensing, no military calibres eg .308 the list goes on.
    IFAIK some, if not all, of the countries that have operated the 'no military calibre' restriction now have a mechanism to permit sporting variants of the same cartridge e.g. civilian .308Win is allowed, whereas the identical military 7.62x51mm (possibly with FMJ) isn't. Earlier ways around it involved rimmed versions of the same calibre as in 7x57R being the civilian equivilent of the venerable 7x57 Mauser.

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    I would not expect anything good coming from Soviet sorry European Union...


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    My understanding of the situation is that the E.U. set minmimum standards for firearms laws many years ago, and that should member states wish to impose stricter standards they were freee to do so.
    Hence no military calibres in France except under certain conditions, and pistols put into section 5 in the U.K.

    To my knowledge there is no restriction on any E.U. country should that country decide to outlaw firearms or any class of firearm entirely.

    The Lisbon treaty has no bearing on the matter.

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    There was one little thing that caught my eye some time ago when doing was work for a company in Bulgaria about the time it was after joining the EU they banned pistols, although at the time an assault rifle was still perfectly legal. The general reasoning given was because the EU had put it down that it was supporting a Europe wide hand gun ban
    I am not absolutely sure of the details thereason it came to my notice was that the guy I was working for had a pistol and was unaffected as a business could still own one.
    So maybe we should take a little more interest in what these characters are scheming.

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    Business use for a handgun in that area would cover quite a bit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270
    Business use for a handgun in that area would cover quite a bit!
    Social, domestic and pleasure?

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    A customer of mine in Warsaw has a 9mm Glock "for taking cash to the Bank". He carries it all the time.

    First time I got into his car I saw him stick a cork into a hole in the dashboard. Took it out when we left the car. After observing this several times I asked what he was doing.

    The hole was where the CS gas would come out of should the car alarm be activated. He didn't want it going off if some **** shunted him at traffic lights.


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