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Thread: Redding comparator with dial .22-250 rem

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    Redding comparator with dial .22-250 rem

    Hello Guys

    got this Instant indicator earlier this year on a whim as yet its never been out the box its unused, and if you all check back i've now sold my Tikka M558 on here earlier in the year, i've also sold all my brass, and have my RCBS dies up for sale

    here's the info from Redding on this

    Redding Part number 27106

    The Redding Instant Indicator Comparator with Dial is useful for quickly comparing headspace and bullet seating depths within 0.001 of an inch. The headspace measurement is from the case shoulder to the base. This information is critical for setting the sizing die to achieve the precise amount of shoulder bump. To compare bullet seating depths simply insert a standard Redding sizing bushing of the proper bore diameter for the caliber you are using. Supplied with instructions to check and quickly compare overall case lengths and bullet base to ogive. One bore diameter bushing is included (as indicated).

    Technical Information

    Fits: The Instant Indicator fits the cartridge listed in the description, however it may be used for a family of cartridges with the same shoulder angle
    Function: Check headspace from the case shoulder to the base of the case

    • Information provided by this indicator is useful for setting up sizing die to achieve the precise amount of shoulder bump
    • Indicator is supplied with instructions and requires the use Redding Neck Bushings (One is included for the appropriate cartridge)

    it comes complete

    Price at Midway uk is 178 plus their extremely inexpensive postage from the US

    Looking for 100 plus insured postage of approx 6



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    price reduced to 90 posted

    brand new never been used all fully boxed

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    piece of kit which has never been used

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    Hi lee
    80 or is that to cheeky?


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