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Thread: Fallow Rut Started Yet?

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    Fallow Rut Started Yet?

    I am off to Sussex early next week to look for a buck in the Petworth area, any rutting action in that neck of the woods yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cornishman View Post
    I am off to Sussex early next week to look for a buck in the Petworth area, any rutting action in that neck of the woods yet?
    I'm 40min from Petworth and have ground closer.
    Bit early for rut yet but bucks are starting to congregate in some of the woods and I'm seeing more fraying now.
    Who U stalking with Cornish or is it your ground?

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    Friend has arranged it with local keeper so don't know much about it, will report back next week!

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    Very few bucks moving around my area, still a bit early.
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    Nothing grunting in my area of West Sussex. However some of the smaller bucks have started moving and visiting the stands. Weekend before last I had two clients take a pricket and a buck. The buck was a very poor head and was starting to smell and had been thrashing. But it will probably be another two weeks at least before it really gets going.
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    YES! Was out yesterday, heard 2 bucks fighting in the woods and one thrashing behind our high seat, then it started belching, boy he sounded a really big boy!
    This was on Haldon south of Exeter.
    Going out again Monday morning and will report back.

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    Out three times this week but no sign yet in Hampshire

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    On my little bit in Shropshire they have been thrashing and some good grunting/belching going on, saw a little pricket last night and plenty of Does with fawns. Out again to night hope I'm in luck.

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    no signs in our area of east sussex hopefully another week or so off to Scotland tomorrow for a week normally second to third week of October round here but was very slow last year never really got going

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    There starting to show in my neck of the woods in E/sussex . Watched two big fellas have a proper set to .My mate on the land next to mine on the kent /sussex border heard his first buck calling on the 22nd , the earliest ever by 1 day & also watched two separate battles .Think this is going to be a really early rut .

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