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Thread: Ford Ranger 2.5TD Pick Up

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    Ford Ranger 2.5TD Pick Up

    Hi all

    Ford Ranger 2.5 TD

    55,000 miles

    Just been serviced at Ford Main Dealer before i purchased it..

    Next service which is a Full Service will be done free of charge by Ford Main Dealer.. This was used as bargaining tool..

    Four new tyres less than 3000 miles ago, taxed and in great condition

    In the last three weeks this vehicle has been from Poole to Argyll,Tain, Gloucester and Cornwall running perfectly..

    Reason for sale is im travelling a long way for my stalking and have been offered a nice deal on a Range Rover Auto..



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    Up at Malcs this weekend in Horsham


    Hence price reduction..



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    terry why did you park it like that had the rear off side had a flat and you could not find the jack???

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    Excuse me sir!, Is this your vehicle?

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    That could do with a bit of wire brushing under there you know


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    I have had an update, it seems that this ditch is hard to find and Sat Nav is needed to find it Well that is what I understand from the man that pulled you out


    PS well done on number three.

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    brill well done terry i bet you were turning round by the cottage by the look of the gravel ,sounds like you all had a good time apart from your parking ,i like the certificate well done ash

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    He might owe me a new clutch after towing it out with my pick up !!

    Terry get rid of that bloody sat nav as it takes you into ditches hope you got home ok

    Another result Sunday morning with another deer in the bag, so that was 4 for three outings in some of the worst weather you could imagine.


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    Thanks guys and Ash

    Absolutely brilliant time and company...

    The write up seems to have gone a bit pete tong and havent a clue why



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