Scott STS [scott tactical series ] 10ft 3.8oz weight 8 fly ros 2 piece
in very good condition ive used this rod with line weights from 6 to 9 and she casts like a dream
has a good backbone to punch a cast into the wind
comes in a scott hard travel tube and will be sent in another tube parcel force 48 hour
this is a rare modern rod 165 plus 15 postage .Heres what Scott have to say about them

STS are the lightest, fastest action fly rods we make. They are ideal rods for windy conditions, float tubing, driftboat fishing, and other situations that demand a powerful, responsive fly rod. STS rods are perfect for hardcore anglers who fish aggressively every time they hit the water.

High Performance Features
1) Fast tapers and lightweight blanks generate very high line speed. STS rods cast tight loops for accuracy, power and distance.
2) Internal ferrules and compound tapers give STS rods an additional measure of performance. They load quickly, form consistent casting loops and are generally easier to fish than other fast action fly rods.
3) High modulus, fast action blanks respond immediately when flexed. This helps the angler pick up line and recast quickly when fishing from a driftboat, and set the hook when fishing nymphs in deep currents.
4) Powerful mid and butt sections help land and release fish quickly.
Some fast action fly rods lack feel and sensitivity, due in part to the use of a ferrule design that creates stiff spots at each joint. The Scott Internal Ferrule puts feel back into fast action fly rods, and creates a rod that actually casts more efficiently than others in its class. Our Internal Ferrule is a tube-within-a-tube that provides both flexibility and durability at the joint. The result is a ferrule that contributes to the flex and power of the rod, rather than creating dead spots. The internal ferrule also has less mass than most external sleeve reinforcements, reducing rod weight and improving balance.Click image for larger version. 

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