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Thread: Hard rifle case for a short rifle/carbine

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    Hard rifle case for a short rifle/carbine

    Hello everyone.

    I'm looking for a lockable (could just be with padlocks) hard case for my Steyr-Mannlicher stutzen, which is just under 110cm long. Most cases out there appear to be at least 20cm longer than that, so I'm looking for something more compact. I don't currently plan to take it on a flight, but I suppose that could happen one day, it's just that airline standard robustness isn't a must, so no 200 Peli-cases. I'd like something bland, rectangular, and as un-rifle-like as possible.

    Does anyone have anything like that kicking about?

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    Look at a series 1 Sportube. About 95. Lockable and can carry everything from a set of skis to a firearm. Shortest you can make the case is 122cm.

    Or have a look at this:

    Hinged Lid (W/D/H): 1040 x 350 x 145mm

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    This one from Grenadier Supplies on eBay cost 43 and could have been made to measure, so tight is the fit!

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