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Thread: Slip for rifle with big 'scope, moderator and long bipod?

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    Slip for rifle with big 'scope, moderator and long bipod?

    I'd like one of these, preferably with carrying-handles as well as a shoulder strap.

    From experience, I'm aware that soft cases/slip advertised as being suitable for bipod/mod are not always in fact wide enough for enough of their length.

    Does anyone have one that rally is wide enough, I wonder; and if so who made or sold it?

    Many thanks for responses (if any)!


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    Hi Mate,
    Try Bushwear they do a large case 54inch.


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    There was a company in Bishops Nympton, Devon that made cases of all sizes and descriptions and very reasonably priced (cheap) too.
    They traded under Bishnym products. I had a few cases made a couple of years ago but I should imagine they are still in business.
    Do a google search or maybe someone that has used them more recent will be able to offer advice.
    They were so helpful and well made I still have three of their cases.

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    Contact Tony @ Moonraker Knives. Google for his number. He can get custom made slips done very cheaply.

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    i am the answer to your prayers
    tikka 308 with mod and bi pod

    out side view

    we can even put you initials and a carving on it

    all the best ash

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    Rifle Slips

    Tony D of Moonraker used to use the same company I mentioned earlier.
    They are a lot cheaper than some and very good value for money.

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    Try the Napier catalogue - my slip (the one with shoulder harness) takes rifle with both mod & Harris attached. The outside pocket is also big enough for a Reflex T8 if you want to carry the mod separately.

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    Drag bag. One of the better ones around for reasonable price is that offered by Border barrels. It's essentially the Arktis as used by the british army but 40 less than the asking price of the Arktis.

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    Both myself and shooting buddy use identical cases from Country Covers.

    I think it will fit your needs, also they are relatively inexpensive. They do a couple of sizes/lengths. Green hard wearing outer, with deep padded black interior. Heavy duty 2 way zip. I had mine 3+ yrs and think it was about 45, got it at the Midland game fair. I am sure they have a web site and are based in S West ( ? devon)

    Has handles and easily accomadates my remmy 700, with wildcat moddy on a long heavy varmit barrel, harris bipod, big leupold and the ACIS stock with room to spare.

    One of the best bit of kit I have ever purchased.

    I can send picture if needed


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