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Thread: Spare a thought.

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    Spare a thought.

    Have a look here. Christmas isn`t far away so please spare a thought for those that will be away from their families this year.

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    Watching the Rememberance Day Parade..

    It was said that if all the war dead from the 1st World War to the present day were lined up and started at the Cenotaph the tail end would be in Edinburgh..

    Respect today and everyday fellas


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    Just got back from the Cenotaph
    i've been going know for 35+ years
    in the past only a dozen or so would turn up
    today 100 + was there
    at last folk are starting to remember

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    They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old:
    Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
    At the going down of the sun, and in the morning,
    We will remember them.

    (Laurence Binyon)

    Private RP Jones of Railway Terrace, Ruthin, wrote home in 1915

    " this charge JP Thomas, the one who used to play football for Denbigh died... he dropped in my arms and never murmured a word. I had to leave him. It's hard to leave a friend like that but you think nothing of it. You in Ruthin do not realise what this war is."

    ...but we can all remember their sacrifice and honour their memory.

    Rest in peace - Cwsg mewn hedd.

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    A grand sentiment and wonderful words Iwrch

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    I owe an apology to Jingsy, I dont pull a trigger on rememberence day, I thought it was next week.I asked him out today and him, being in the forces, basically declind.
    your words are spot on, my dad done the full monty in WW2 as the yanks call it.
    Me dad could talk for hours about it.
    never mentioned the killing, in fact he used to say "Apart from the killing,I had a great time"
    He would'nt wear a poppy, he would'nt say why?
    He was in the D-Day landings, and being a typical Scouser used to tell people
    " I was on the beach in Normady when the first bullet was fired.............
    I was back in Liverpool when they fired the second".......


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    Alan just point out one thing remembrance day is Wednesday, the parade is always held on a Sunday . Saves people taking days of there work and causing chaos in London .

    On wednesday I'll spend a couple of hours at a funeral of a young soldier that was murdered at home ,whilst out with his mother as a passengers in a taxi which over took a car with two people in it and had no lights on the taxi driver flashed his lights as a courtesy thing , the car followed them to where the drop of was, started to argue with the taxi driver the soldier was stabbed in the back whilst helping his mother out of the taxi , by the other person in the car , this young man had only 12 months before been awarded by the Queen a commendation for bravery, when a armoured vehicle went into a river in Iraq He tried in vain to save his mate who was drowning it was only exhaustion that over came his efforts .
    This was a quality soldier and a man .

    You don't think for one instance ,the people serving in what ever theater of operations won't pull the trigger out of respect or other wises, so why can't you if you so wish ,I will if the need arises , the only day i don't shoot is christmas thats because i spend the day in the kitchen .

    I served for a long while in all our present day conflicts . before we have all sort of **** appears, opinions are like arseholes we've all got one this is mine .

    Irwch words ,If only people with the influence would put the words in the right places we would have no need for remembrance parades ,
    these words have been about for a long while, have they ever saved a soldiers life NO ,have they ever stopped a killing or a conflict NO, soldiers are still sent to places to carry out the wishes of the governments that are in dispute about whatever .

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    Remembrance is the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month
    easy to remember (not always if your busy)
    Remembrance Sunday is always the nearest Sunday to this date
    much easier to stop what you are doing for 2 minutes and thats all
    it need take
    then you can carry on with what ever

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