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Thread: Ultrasonic cleaners VS "medium" cleaners

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    Ultrasonic cleaners VS "medium" cleaners

    Anyone use an ultrasonic cleaner? As a tree surgeon I have lots of wee gadgets that would benefit from cleaning now and again, many have moving parts like caribiners, and chainsaw parts. I would quite like a cleaning device that would double up, cleaning brass and other things. Medium cleaners won't work for caribiners I would think as the parts will clog up with medium. But I don't want to splash out on something that won't clean brass.

    ​So do they work on brass?

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    yes they do
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    Any recommendations on a make and model?

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    Yes they do "work" on brass and also anything else like carburettors and suppressors. I use a Maplin jobby that's about 3 litres I think and IRO 80 plus the cleaning stuff. The latter makes a difference and I've the Maplin stuff works very well: just be aware of the pricing structure.

    I've owned a Lyman 2200 tumbler for, oh, 22 years and I think I prefer the finish the tumbler can produce. However, the ultrasonic shifts the internal grot well even if it's not as shiny outside.

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    you cold splash out on a Lyman's new Turbo Sonic like mine it cleans inside and out or find a tattooist one on e-bay just get the brass cleaning juice, one thing i have found if i use an old electric kettle and heat but not boiled the same destilled water , i wash off the case's as it helps them dry quicker just stand them on a nail peg board to drain off sound long winded but it takes a few mins only.
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    Teaspoon of citric acid off eBay for a couple of quid a packet, drop of washing up liquid and a pint of water....awesome results.

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    Having used sonicators for a number of years Ive found by far the best cleaning solutions to be ammoniacal based with a drop or two of detergent added.
    You can buy ammonia at most chemists. Add 5ml to 10ml of 8/80 ammonia and a couple of drops of fairy liquid to the warm water and sonicate for about 15-20mins, longer for really mucky stuff. Be careful with anything that has stones in (earings, rings etc) as these can be shaken out of their mounts if you give them too much welly.
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    Ultrasonic can also get the cases too clean...

    I like to tumble in corn cob (walnut cleans better but is dusty and sticks in flash holes) for 2-3 hours, grease (RCBS Case Lube II), full length resize, and tumble again for 30min.

    I've tried replacing the first tumbling with ultrasonic, it works but I found I need to lube the inside of the neck before resizing. This of course with bottleneck rifle cases, but also with straight wall pistol cases and carbide dies I've found the resizing process is not as smooth as with tumbled cases. Anyway, after resize you need to get the lube out and I did this by tumbling 30mins, especially since there was lube inside the neck. I guess you could replace this step by washing the cases, at least with water soluble greases like the RCBS.

    Ultrasonic isn't worth the hassle for me. Depending on model you need to carefully place the cases by hand, the power depends on how close the cases are to the ultrasonic units (number of which varies depending on model) etc.

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    while we are on the ultra sound thing anyone know how i can make the ( lyman new turbo sonic) to run longer at the mo you can only set it running for 8 ish mins and that is a pain !
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