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Thread: Which camo in the highlands in November?

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    Which camo in the highlands in November?

    Hi from germany,

    in november we go to hunt in the highlands. No we go out to buy some equipment for those days.

    Which ist the best camo for november in the highlands?

    Flecktarn, mtp, dpm, or just olive?

    I hope to get some good advices.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Fieldtrialer View Post
    Flecktarn is to dark?
    You might get away with the colour but tweed wins hands down for comfort, warmth and camouflage.

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    Are you stalking on the open hillside ?

    In any event I'd suggest take whatever camo you have and concentrate on your fieldcraft rather than worrying too much about how dark your camo is. DPM is also a very dark pattern and plenty of Scottish guides and ghillies still wear that, usually in an assortment of odd combinations with other random bits.

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    Avoid Goretex, it makes a terrible scratching noise when crawling through heather.
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    Hi Fieldtrailer,

    You will be fine with your Flecktarn and normal hunting clothes unless you need an excuse for new. Just bring plenty of layers and waterproofs (and a change to wear while one is drying)!! I have two good friends who come fon Germany most years and they have been fine with this advice in all weathers.

    Don't forget gaiters and Wellington boots (neoprene lined), a good tip is to take both and see what the stalker (guide) is wearing on the days you are out and copy him !!


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    Quote Originally Posted by private fraser View Post
    Avoid Goretex, make a terrible scratching noise when crawling through heather.
    I've not found this to be too much of an issue but if you wear a layer over the top of the Garry gore tex problem solved.

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    Once things start to die off it can go very light, or sometimes very dark in areas of old heather. It also depends if there is a lot of rock and also exactly where you are, some areas might stay green.

    I like the new MTP as a general cammo as many of the solid greens/browns seem too dark and leave you looking like a well defined dark blob on the hill. I think DPM can be good, but that it is also generally too dark. MTP looks too light in your living room but is actually not bad when you get out there on the hill.

    Some may recall that I did some cammo tests attempting to photograph different cammo patterns, and producing images that reflect our understanding of deer vision, and posting extensive results against a lot of different types of ground. Flecktarn did really very well indeed, I think MTP also performed well and soild colours and the various "print" type cammos didn't perform anywhere near as well as the more general military surplus cammos.

    This photo was taken in the spring, before the growth began, and shows how the hill can die off and how light coloured it can be. In November, clearly, it will probably not have died back quite as much as this:

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