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Thread: Sika Stag 2

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    Sika Stag 2

    Well a few days after I got my sika stag my old man went up to the same area and shot this lad who was with a few hinds

    Dropped on the spot with .270

    He weighed 98lbs fully cleaned

    Me and my mate hoping to catch up with a few more over the weekend

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    Lovely looking stag ! Well done.

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    Superb, Sika definitely have a mysterious quality to them. Very much on the to do list!



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    Bonny stag. His belly still looks White - still so signs of the rut up there?

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    Beautiful beast!

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    Bonnie beast, well done!

    Alba gu brąth

    Sauer 101 6.5x55, Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g Over&Under

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    Thanks for comments guys

    NickJ not seen any sign so far, is it well underway where you are?

    Hopefully when we are out this weekend there will be some action

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    I heard a single stag whistling on Sunday but haven't been out on any sika ground since but from what the locals say yes, underway but a bit stop-start as now very warm again (20 degrees) so that would have quietened it off I fear.
    Best of luck at the weekend

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    Great stuff, glad you're getting onto the Stags!

    ​I had a belter in the scope not two hours ago, but the shot wasn't good so I held off.

    I'll be out looking for him again in the morning....

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