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    Just been offered the stalking rights on 1000 acres for 800.00 for the year the guy said there Fallow Roe and the odd Munti. Is this the going rate for land. Going up to see the land next week...

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    Here's the way to look at if you don't have any stalking give him the 800.00.
    Stop searching for prices of land these vary as does this question divide the one into the other theres no one i know getting a lease for 1.25 pre acre

    Thank yourself lucky that you've been asked first .

    If you don't want it pass it on to some more needy person, there are many on here that will never have the chance ,to get any ground without having to travel for half a day or longer to get to it , here you've got ground with three species of deer on it .

    Bite his hand off .

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    Widows Son's right,

    Some of us have been looking for ages and i would certainly sever his arm at the shoulder. Your a lucky man....


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    Depends on your circumstances, personally i don't pay for stalking and never have, at this moment in time i have nearly 3000 acres at my disposal.
    You need to ask yorself some questions, is it for pleasure or business?, will i feel pressured into shooting as many deer as possible to recoup my 800? how many deer occupy the 1000 acres?
    Don't forget you are doing a service for the landowner.
    At 0.80/acre (edit from 1st post, my maths let me down again!)i would say this is top end, make sure the game shooting is included as well for that price.
    I feel sorry for the stalkers desperately looking for their first piece of land that can't afford these prices, it all becomes market driven and it was a sad day when people started to get charged for stalking.
    Why not come to an agreement and offer him a share in the venison instead?
    All the best

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    from my point of view 80p an acre is good, if there are deer on the ground in any number i would have it.

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    Hi and well done I agree 80p an acre is a good price and if it has a good head of deer you are onto a winner there.
    The syndicate I am in have had the same piece of ground for years then all of a sudden this year they put a clause in that they could terminate the lease with a months notice and guess what we got notice that the lease will be terminated at the end of November and the ground will be going back on the market for more money, I don't think it is the land owner more the private forestry company looking to make more money out of it.
    As has been said it is a market thing now people want to make as much money as possible and if people pay these stupid prices where will it end.
    So good luck with your new ground and enjoy you have found a bargain there especially in todays market, up here some places are looking for 4.50 to 5.00 an acre.

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    I'd say 800 a year is a lot less than going on a paid stalk every month. Provided of course, there are enough deer on the land. But I think land owners need to realise that this effectively turns you from being someone who owes the farmer a dollop of respect and favour into a customer.

    In general I have to say personally I don't like the idea of paying for shoots and prefer to provide general pest control. I have 5 main farms and several other small shoots, none of which I pay for or ever intend to. Two have good roe numbers and I've been told to help myself, and fully intend to once I get my variation back!

    These shoots I obtained initially to control rabbits, and sometimes woodies as I have a good reputation as a reliable, trustworthy chap with local landowners. This has taken a lot of hard work, and there is no doubt I'd never have got these just for stalking rights (quite apart from the fact I don't have a deer rifle on my FAC yet!). I'd prefer to earn trust and respect from a farmer for effectively controlling pests each and every week and therefore be granted the right to take deer, than pay for the privilege.

    A few farmers around my way now charge for woody and rabbit shooting. IMO this is a greedy p*ss take and seems to be on the increase. Paying for deer is one thing, but it does seem to have a trickle down effect on rough shooting too.

    I spend money on a shooting vehicle, diesel, ammo, rifles, clothing, etc etc every month and the farmer gets an excellent pest control service saving him or her thousands a year. I don't expect payment or thanks - I do it for the love of it and for free meat in the freezer. On the other hand I don't expect to pay for it!

    I know of a couple of famers now who have lost their regular, reliable lads as a result of turning to charging for rights just for general vermin. The day a farmer asked me for money to shoot bunnies would be the last day he saw me.

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    Thanks to everyone who replied. I have been and looked at the land and it is great. I have with a friend who I always hunt with a fair bit of land already but with no Fallow on just Roe. So myself and friend will take up this offer just for the Fallow alone.

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    your very lucky m8 8)

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