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Thread: Boiling heeds!

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    Boiling heeds!

    Do put some peroxide in the water before you boil, brings them up like Liberace's teeth first time round

    put the pan on to boil in the back yard and then forget about only realising when the stench of boiled dry pan with deer head effluent comes wafting in through the back door!! Luckily the skull is intact!

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    Opps, Also keep freshly boiled heads away from any K9... they may be delighted with a new dog chew you might not have the same thoughts.

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    Don't leave a dozen on the shed roof overnight after peroxiding especially without checking the weather, awake in the morning to a multi piece jigsaw.

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    And don't boil them out on the cooker in the kitchen! I did ONCE let's just say the mrs was not best pleased.

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    Ive never tried putting peroxide in the water when boiling ill try that one cheers

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    DON'T get bullied out into the back yard.

    DO keep an eye on them in the kitchen.
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    As long as you don't clip their ticket twice!!!


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    chuck a few onions and carrots in and make some "brawn"...wholesome cooking smells

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    drop a dishwasher tablet in with them it will help break down the fat around the head very well.

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