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Thread: Calling in the Reds

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    Calling in the Reds

    I have tried calling the stags over the past few ruts with mixed results, had two stags come in. One like a train the other sculked in. The rut is just starting here now and wondered if anyone can give me some do,s and donts ? Best times of day etc.......

    would be interested to hear of other peoples success too,


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    Same as your experiences, very hit and miss, some are spoiling for a fight, others won't respond at all, looking forward to hearing anyone else's experiences too......
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    As with Salmon fishing there is no fixed formula for success and ultimately you can only call in and shoot the same stag once!

    A search on Youtube should give you plenty of NZ footage of reds being called during the rut with mixed success and varying styles and techniques.

    Sometimes what makes the human ear recoil in apparent disgust in terms of sound replication can work wonders for the deer, at the end of the day they are the critics you need to pay attention too.

    I have found that if you have the luxury of seeing the stag that you are trying to call it can often be a big help in judging his reaction although his vocal response can usually be a starter for 10!

    Whilst a deep croaky roar will get some stags fired up, a few grunts can be the tipping point for others.

    Ultimately you will find what works for you by the good old approach of getting out there and doing it!

    Good luck and hopefully you have some success in the near future.

    Kind regards


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    I am quite new to calling reds but I think it is important to listen first and know all the calls before you make any noise yourself. There is just a handful of noises stags do and if you know how sounds a stag with hinds, a stag looking for a hind, a "challenge" call, "triumph" etc. You then can have a "conversation" with a chosen stag depending on what age he is and his position in a group. I believe there is more to it and calling is just a part, breaking branches and making other noises is as much important. It is definitely more challenging than roe calling and no rubber bulb to squeeze

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    What class of a call are you using Glogin? your own voice? Coke bottle with the bottom cut off? Manufactured hind call? I'd be interested to learn what make/type of call folks use as well as what and when

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    2lt drinks bottle for me gets the volume and lower tones, but as I said above, it has mixed results.....
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    Depends if you can see them or not IMO
    if you are calling something with hinds or calling something looking for hinds

    if I can see him and just need them closer or to stand, shift etc I would start quietly IMO
    with a single one of these:

    I then tend to leave it a while

    This one is different,

    ​There are some good example of calls on here between 1 and 3mins
    study the differences in length of call and whether broken or continuous, pitch and which animal is delivering and why.
    (i.e. is it a "feck off all yous, I got all the punani" call, or one from a stag challenging a holding stag, or a triumphant call of one just taking a herd.

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    Many thanks guys; that's a helpful start

    I know that in the Elk states of America, guys often get better results using a few mewing cow calls, than full on challenge bugles (at least to start with)

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    few straggly old beggars wandering about here, may place them in the freezer yet.

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    Thanks guys, some interesting info there. Up until now ive just tried to imitate the stags i here. Maybe i need to change tactics. On the up side i shot a nice royal a few nights ago. He was just starting to roar, since then the wood has come alive with stags as they move in for the rut.


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