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Thread: Rifle inconsistency

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    Rifle inconsistency

    Appreciate your thoughts guys:

    After a (neck) miss on the hill I put my 'big gun' on the target.

    The .308 will hold a 1" group at 100 yards then suddenly throw, say, every fourth round up to 2" off (in varying places).

    It's a 10yr old Savage with a S&B H 8x56 and using 150gn PowerShok.

    Suffice to say I'm not using it on wildlife until I sort it!

    Thanks in advance.


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    How quickly are you firing your four bullets?

    Because if its like my a bolt, you can fire three bullets in relatively quick succession (within 2-3 minutes) and then if you fire a fourth/fifth (depending on temperature/type of bullet) it will have warmed the barrel right up and it will throw a bullet wide. Mine does it all the time.

    I've now changed from using power shok to 123gr Sako's and i can tell you they are far superior in consistancy. Although you will still get bullets wondering!


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    Alternatively check the bedding, clearance if its a floating barrels and all the normal things like scres in the stock etc.

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    have you tried a different manufacture of ammo i had an old winchester mod70 that used to do a similar thing to yours even if i left it 5 min between shots and i tried different ammo and it was sorted.
    Also when you say it will throw the 4th round out are you firing 4 rounds 1 after another? You could be overheating the barrel causing the problem you have got? Remember its a sporting rifle at the end of the day and not built for constant shooting as they heat up very quickly.
    1" groups sound ok to me but im sure someone will now pipe up that they would expect a tighter grouping

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    Looks like we answered nicks question at the same time looking at our posts

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    sounds like the sort of pattern I used to get using Norma ammo...

    How much work has your rifle done in the last 10 years? is it possible your barrel is shot out? I've known barrels to lose the rifling in as little as 2000 rounds....

    I'd also make sure the floating barrel isn't being obstructed as Tommo suggests

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    the very same happened with my 25,06 .i missed a calf one eve, a shot that was not miss able.
    the next morning i went to the range. 2" group with flyer's . i gave it a good clean. looked at all the possibles even changed the scope.
    to no avail.i brought it to a rifle builder hear he had a look through the bore scope.wear but should still shoot .i got him to re crown it .

    full of hope back to the range ,still a 2" group .
    what happened i dont know ,maybe a drop of oil out of the mod ,rain .

    any way i got pissed off and re barreled it to 270

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    Most rifles will do this that is why people use heavy barrels to stop this problem. when was the last time you shot 4 fast rounds at a deer. Everyone misses at sometime check the first shot out of your rifle with a cold barrel and if that is ok put it down to experiance and dont let it trash your confidence

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    If your shot on the hill was with a cold barrel, was the gun cleaned recently? Could there be a bit of oil in the barrel/mod?

    That would explain a wide 'cold' shot, on a range it would be down to the heat in most cases.

    Fester - Great minds think alike!


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    Concentrate on the first shot with your rifle.....
    Ensure you are happy with the spot you hit regardless of distance (within reason)
    you dont usualy get a second shot.
    Make sure your second shot hits where you want it too.
    forget the fourth shot
    Truthfully, if you need a fourth shot you are in the wrong game.
    stick to the first....
    And god forbid the second (cause you know you've made a ******** of the first)
    its easy done, we've all been there

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