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    Good evening all,

    I am a veterinary student and live in Ireland. Recently I completed my DSC1 and have been looking into acquiring a suitable rifle (probably 308 but was hoping to get some info/advice on here). I have a fair amount of experience with rimfire (.17hmr) rabbiting and foxing and also a mix of rough and decoyed shooting. Hopefully I will be able to gain plenty of stalking experience over the years but at the moment I just need to get a rifle and get started.


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    Good to have another member of the profession on here. What year are you in?

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Good evening SRVet, I am just starting 2nd year so another few years left yet.

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    Ahh just a nipper!! I can just about remember my second year. Did a lot of shooting whilst at college but mainly targets. Is there much you can do round Dublin or do you have to wait till you go home?

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    I am actually studying in Bristol, so shoot when I am home mainly. Live with a few people this year one of which shoots so hoping to sort something out with him.

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    Sounds like a plan, when I was at college I would regularly travel home and back on the train with several handguns and loads of ammo so I could shoot at my home club. i once had so much lead in the bottom of my rucksack that I fell backwards when reading a magazine on the bottom shelf of the newsagents on the station and couldnt stand up. was eventually helped up by a passer by! Things were or at least seemed easier then, can you bring your rifle with you? It may be worth trying to hook up with a local BDS branch when you are at college. You could probably make some good contacts.

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    Yes, I probably could bring a rifle over but I also lack transport (car) so getting to the events and that would be difficult using public transport. It is something I hope to look into further in 3rd year as the course lightens up a bit whereas we have a very heavy 2nd year. I also need to discuss storage arrangements with uni accommodation and landlords etc. I would be really keen to try get a bit of stalking done over here as there seems to be quite a population of deer.

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