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    I've put this post up because I would like to have somebody out there give me clarification in Law.

    I originally posted this message as a reply to Iwrch's original post about 'being a traditionalist' but I think it needs a more open airing hence the new topic post etc.

    It would appear that the 80% who polled that they shoot on a Sunday are clearly breaking the law (England and Wales) by doing same.

    Check the BASC website and other legislation sources and you will find that shooting GAME (and deer is classed as game) is illegal in England and Wales

    Additionally check this link:

    So...if there are any legal eagles are out there, can they confirm or deny and if caught and prosecuted does it mean that you would lose your FAC due to it being a criminal offence ?


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    At the risk of getting this very wrong I don't think deer are glassed as game. You can shoot them on a Sunday in season of course, but I don't think you can legally shot deer on Xmas day.

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    Hi Purdey

    Are you absolutely sure ?

    Did you check out the link ? It states quite categorically that Deer are included as game under the terms of the act


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    According to the book Deer:LAw and Liabilities, page 10- "deer should not be classed as game or described as such".

    I will try and have a further dig into the book later.

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    Deer are Deer and NOT Game.

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    Hi Deerman

    Tks for the help

    So do you think that BASC is wrong ?


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    I think I'm right in saying you can shoot deer on any day if they are in season, including Xmas day!
    Don't shoot the one with the red nose before xmas day though or you might not get any pressies!

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    How do I answer that one.....


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    It is recommended that if you have the game rights and it does not specify "deer" then you may not be able to shoot them!

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    under the 1991 deer act deer are classed as deer in ther own right and not game

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